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There may be contempt for people parents, R169. It truly is just not the exact same contempt We've got for Michael Jackson, nor need to it's.

I'm with r103. I do not really know what took place and I can't myself say what facet I come down on this situation, there are just a lot of inquiries like why Did not the FEDS existing the knowledge they supposedly experienced on Michael?

[estimate]I'd wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this newest info tells me my first hunch was right.

R43 MJ had a fascination-envy of whiteness. MJ had an curiosity in 11-fourteen 12 months old white boys. A lot of folks want to jump into the summary that he experienced intercourse with them or fondled them.

"He started to make the story A growing number of graphic as the value went up," Mesereau explained, referring to Phillip LaMarque.

The damning documents assert the deceased popstar was a 'pedophile' who viewed porn whilst assaulting a boy, molested a well-known boy or girl star, fondled a youngster’s genitals in his personal cinema and groped A further little one whose mom wasn’t ‘bothered’ by it.

MJs problems with becoming black started when he was simply a ten yr previous child. Usually there are some tales about that which includes his freak out when his voice changed all through puberty.

R264, that English twat Along with the ponytail (Matt Fiddes) is often a nicely-recognised liar and rip-off artist who has long been providing garbage tales about Michael Jackson for a few years. He just will it for getting funds and a focus from the trashy UK tabloids, who simple fact-Verify absolutely nothing.

Along with a forty-five calendar year aged who does this with child soon after little one, and who stops being "good friends" with the child once the kid hits puberty... isn't being harmless and loving. At greatest, they're staying the kind of hurtful, self-absorbed, crappy Pal who dumps their BFF when another person new will come together.

r274 some A part of me feels that regardless of whether the vilest of proof had been collected, there remain some influential people who'll pull strings for that evidence not to check out the light of day-- to safeguard their MJ-linked investments.

So, who thinks MJ molested his sons? I'm sorry for even considering in these phrases, but I do not see how MJ did not molest his sons.

In any case, mainly because it was all about him, he picked the the very least credible sufferer as his greatest proof. Do not forget, the victims mom sued Wall Mart a few yrs previously for a faux slip and slide.

Don't forget when Micheal Jackson explained within an leather cleaning Encino interview, sharing your bed with children is an incredible type of affection? If that a person assertion by itself would not show you one thing filthy is happening involving a developed male and minor boys then anything is undoubtedly Erroneous along with you.

'With the help of people like Pellicano, the planet and his lovers never read what came about at Neverland in excess of 15 years.’

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